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At Restoration Techs, we specialize in comprehensive mold testing and mold removal services. We work diligently to identify the root causes of mold and eradicate it, ensuring a healthier indoor environment for homes and businesses alike. When it comes to mold testing, Restoration Techs offers reliable and efficient testing methods for both residential and commercial properties near Oregon City. This knowledge provides you with accurate insights into the mold situation within your space.

Commercial mold testing: Protecting your business environment

Your business doesn’t need interruptions. We are proficient in taking samples, conducting air tests, and utilizing various methods to assess mold presence. Our commitment to efficiency extends to working with a local lab, providing same day test results to address any mold issues affecting your business operations promptly.

Residential mold testing: Uncover hidden threats in your home

From taking surface samples to conducting air tests, our skilled technicians employ various methods to ensure a thorough assessment. Whether we’re removing samples of drywall or using scotch tape to lift mold spores, we leave no stone unturned to detect and analyze mold presence. We collaborate seamlessly with a local laboratory, enabling us to provide test results on the same day.

Water mitigation and chances of mold growth

Water mitigation is a critical step in preventing the potential growth of mold within your property. Swift and effective water mitigation services, such as those we provide, help minimize water damage and create an environment less conducive to mold proliferation. By addressing water-related issues promptly, we mitigate the risk of mold growth.

Where does the mold come from anyway?

Mold typically originates from airborne spores that exist naturally in the environment. When these spores land on surfaces with sufficient moisture and nutrients, they can thrive and multiply, leading to mold growth. Common sources of moisture include water leaks, flooding, or high humidity levels. Mold can develop on various materials such as wood, drywall, carpet, and fabric when conditions are favorable. Identifying and addressing the source of moisture is crucial in preventing and mitigating mold issues.

Let’s identify any mold growth and create a game plan!

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