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Mold removal is a critical process that demands proper handling, and at Restoration Techs, we take pride in offering top-tier services tailored to individual cases. Once mold tests positive, or if it is visibly apparent, our approach involves a comprehensive and personalized treatment. We employ a two-fold process, starting with spray removal using effective chemicals followed by air fogging. Our experts emphasize the importance of professional handling, emphasizing that the location of the mold dictates the remediation strategy.

Mold remediation: Professional vs. DIY

When addressing mold issues, choosing between professional mold remediation and a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach is crucial. Key considerations include knowledge, experience, and proper equipment for effective mold removal, ensuring a safe and thorough cleanup. DIY mold cleanup is appropriate for small-scale removal with visible mold in confined spots, but caution is still advised to avoid health risks.

Residential and commercial mold removal

Opt for professional mold removal, especially when dealing with larger-scale mold growth and unknown circumstances and sources. Making an informed choice between professional expertise and DIY methods is essential. At Restoration Techs, we specialize in residential and commercial mold remediation and professional mold removal, prioritizing effective and safe cleanup for a healthier environment.

IICRC certified professionals

The importance of having IICRC certified professionals for mold removal lies in the assurance of industry-recognized expertise and standardized practices. IICRC certification signifies that professionals have undergone rigorous training and adhere to established guidelines, ensuring a high standard of competency in mold remediation.

A comprehensive approach to mold remediation

We first identify and address the source of mold. Our mold testing services provide essential information crucial for successful mold remediation. We address the moisture sources fueling mold growth and ensure proper ventilation. When necessary, we conduct demolition of materials, scrub surfaces with mold-killing solutions, and administer fog treatments. Additionally, our team handles water damage repairs as needed for a comprehensive remediation process.

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